About conference


Testwarez is a space created to boost knowledge sharing and launch discussions around challenges and trends in software testing. This year we would like to take you on testing a never-ending journey around the clock – testing throughout the software development lifecycle, back and forth.

Various expertise levels among speakers and conference attendees – ranging from highly skilled veterans, practitioners and theorists to enthusiastic beginners filling either management or engineering positions – allow for a unique opportunity of constructive and productive debates.

Conference formula fosters free dialogue during speeches, lectures, discussions panels as well as behind the scenes. This year, except testers, we would like to warmly invite business analysts, department heads and IT business owners, those working for startups and DevOps ninjas. Just like in previous years we will leave some room for experimentation in order to boost interactivity and integration aspects of the event.

Our ten-year-long tradition binds us with a promise of excellent delivery. In our heartfelt desire to make Testwarez 2016 an even bigger conference that last year’s 10th anniversary jubilee. Thanks to its international character, professional organization, attention to details and orientation on real-life challenges we shall not fail!

“Testing around the clock” as our 2016 mottos is supposed to paint a vivid picture of continuous integration, testing and professional development. Keeping aforementioned in mind let us not forget about our roots – at least half the presentations will be in Polish including a track for those early in their careers.

Testwarez is an event where you can showcase your achievements and consult problems you’re facing. All it takes is to come, share, inspire and be inspired!

Join us!


The conference is organized by Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych, (Eng. Association for Information Systems Quality) which has been an experience exchange platform and a meeting ground for quality and testing professionals for more than thirteen years.

Last year’s edition attracted over 300 attendees. This year an even greater number is expected so do not hesitate and register as soon as possible.


Testwarez 2016 will take place at Golebiewski Hotel in Karapacz on September 28-30, 2016.


Our conference is targeted at professionals involved with broadly understood quality management – both practitioners, specialists, test managers and novices. We would like to invite everyone who is keen on learning both well-established and new methods. For experts this is a great opportunity for dialogue and thought exchange.

This year we would especially welcome:

  • Visionaries with their own, unorthodox approaches, solutions and suggestions, especially from transformation, cloud migration or product or tool architecture revision projects
  • People in charge of testing teams who could share their team building, leadership and management experience
  • DevOps specialists
  • Automation project integrators, ideally working in continuous integration or continuous delivery environments
  • People implementing or improving test or quality methodologies who are keen on sharing their experiences
  • Security, non-functional, mobile and embedded application testing specialists
  • Experts in docker, buddy, chef and similar
  • Practitioners of exploratory, context-driven, model-based, risk-based testing
  • Big data tamers
  • People involved in early stages of product life cycle – business analysis, requirements management

and all the other enthusiasts of knowledge sharing. We will happily consider every paper filed.


  • Chair: Sebastian Małyska – Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories / SJSI
  • Karolina Zmitrowicz – freelance IT consultant
  • Joanna Gajewska – Oracle Polska / SJSI
  • Radek Smilgin – testerzy.pl
  • Krzysztof Chytła – Dolby Laboratories
  • Dariusz Duleba – Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories
  • Bartłomiej Prędki – Credit Suisse
  • Maciej Chmielarz – Amazon Development Center Poland


  • Chair: Lucjan Stapp – Politechnika Warszawska / SJSI
  • Tomasz Watras – PGS Software / SJSI
  • Marta Firlej – SoftServe
  • Bartłomiej Prędki – Credit Suisse


Testwarez conference is expected to serve the purpose of knowledge exchange, experience and information sharing in the context of testing and quality assurance for IT systems. It is possible to present home-brewed good practices or proprietary in-house tools and solutions.

Our primary focus is on the practical aspects of software engineering.

Preferred subject list by domain:

  • Design, automate and maintain tests
  • Quality, tests, team and risk management
  • Methodologies, techniques and good patterns
  • Security and non-functional testing (e.g. performance, reliability or UX)
  • Mobile, embedded and security-critical application testing
  • Testing in the cloud, testing as service
  • CI / CD / DevOps
  • Static testing, statistic analyze
  • Testing in business, startups, testing business
  • Testers development, certification

We will happily review all submissions.


The following speech types are planned:

  • Presentation – duration: 45 minutes including Q&A
  • Seminar/Tutorial – duration: 90 minutes
  • Workshop – duration: 240 minutes
  • Discussion panel (short) – duration: 45 minutes
  • Discussion panel (long) – duration: 90 minutes